Abundant Solutions,llc

is the brainchild of Dr. Nikia Edwards which began to take life in 2004. Abundant Solutions, LLC is based on her personal belief that there is always more than one solution to address life issues. As Dr. Edwards began to reflect on her personal journey and the mountains she had experienced, she recalled the solutions that initiated her process of overcoming. While Dr. Edwards was able to acknowledge each solution, acting on them never seemed to be an easy feat. However, she was able to recognize the possibilities of each solution. It was at that moment that Dr. Edwards identified her process of overcoming. These life experiences fused with Dr. Edwards’s accredited education, extensive clinical training and skills, her attentiveness and resourcefulness form the platform for her role as an agent of change. Dr. Edwards is dedicated to helping others challenge adversity by way of therapeutically yielding an abundance of solutions. Although it is not the task of Dr. Edwards to come up with the solutions, she strongly believes that it is her responsibility to assist others with acknowledging and developing the solutions that do exist. The next step in the process of overcoming is to realize that solutions are just the beginning to the vast possibilities. 

Core Purpose

Abundant Solutions, LLC exists so that people seeking mental health and substance use recovery services can receive exceptional quality and integrative therapy services that are affordable, accessible, empower and promote growth.  

Core Values

Abundant Solutions, LLC values client diversity and inspires empowerment and growth through its core values respect, collective work, and quality.  




at Abundant Solutions, LLC, client privacy, autonomy and dignity are acknowledged, highly regarded and upheld. 


Collective Work

at Abundant Solutions, LLC partnerships are formed with each client to expand awareness of and access to appropriate community collaborates and resources to meet client needs and to enhance outcomes.  




at Abundant Solutions, LLC a service provision that is integrative and client focused is endorsed.  Service provision is offered by a competent professional who observes high ethical and practice standards; and who engages training and supervision to enrich counseling knowledge 

and skills




at Abundant Solutions, LLC, it is the charge of both client and professional to contribute to developing an alliance that nurtures a healthy experience and overall well-being.