As the spotlight continues to shine on mental illness and wellness, the counseling field will continue to respond to the growing need for appropriate services; and increased opportunity to engage and serve. Consequently, the need for interested and qualified counseling professionals to facilitate services will continue to evolve. There are many avenues of counseling to explore including specialty areas which sometimes require navigating a certification process. Becoming successful in the counseling field depends on your definition of success. At Abundant Solutions, LLC your success is the focus. Through professional mentorship, you will have the opportunity to discuss and plan your professional path with Dr. Edwards, a seasoned licensed counseling practitioner, who is dedicated to growth of the counseling profession and development of counseling professionals. Your relationship with your professional mentor is personalized and rewarding on many levels. Check out what your decision to be paired with a professional mentor will yield and call for your consult today.

What professional mentorship provides:

  • Investment in your professional interest

  • Supportive relationship

  • Impartial advice and encouragement

  • Assistance with problem solving

  • Professional development opportunity

  • Availability to respond to your counseling related inquires

  • Reflection on own practice

  • Improves self-confidence


What is required?

  • Genuine interest in counseling profession and mentor

  • Openness to grow

  • Willingness to do what it takes to be successful

  • Availability