Abundant Solutions provides the following behavioral health services:


Diagnostic Assessment

Abundant Solutions facilitates written clinical evaluations that assess behavior health needs, current mental status and informs determination of initial treatment planning. Abundant Solutions incorporates client overall well-being during the assessment and gathers physical, developmental, family, social, psychiatric and psychological history. The diagnostic assessment also includes client’s strengths and vulnerabilities. A provisional mental health diagnosis is also provided along with treatment recommendations. Client should expect to spend at least one hour to complete diagnostic assessment.


Psychotherapy for adolescents and adults

Therapeutic work that engages client for a longer period of time to assist client with gaining a deeper awareness and insight of emotional difficulties.


Crisis Intervention

Crisis can occur at any time and the psychological impact afterwards can become intense. Clients are supported and guided during and after acute mental health crisis by providing stability, educating on trauma, developing coping mechanisms to navigate intense emotions, and helping clients to identify and link with additional resources and services when needed. Crisis intervention can be facilitated for small groups and with families.

Abundant Solutions, LLC does not provide emergency services and is not a crisis center. If you or someone you know is experiencing a crisis, emergency, or is in immediate danger of harming themselves or someone else, or need support, please dial 9-1-1 or go to your nearest emergency room. Please visit the crisis section of this website for crisis services information.

Substance Use Counseling and Recovery Work

Once you or your loved ones finally realize that your substance use has become unmanageable, the recovery process has already begun.  Making the decision to seek professional help is the next step.  Abundant Solutions, LLC, offers confidential substance use screening, assessment, counseling services, and urine drug testing.  Screening and assessment services are used to assist with determining appropriate level of care.  All services are aimed at providing support and necessary tools to make life manageable in absence of substance use.


Individual Counseling

Seeking counseling services can be a very overwhelming task. Asking for help from a complete stranger seems like the last decision you would make, but it can also serve as the bravest decision you will ever make. Abundant Solutions provides a safe and private environment that welcomes your decision to seek support. Using a non-judgmental approach and a safe and private environment, a client's decision to seek support is welcomed. Support is centered on client self-exploration and identifying solutions to client needs. Because this is your personal journey, you are encouraged and challenged to gain the most from your time in counseling by engaging, being open and honest, intentional throughout your process.


Marital|Couples Counseling

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, yet somehow they manage to make to earth where communication is everything. In relationships, expectations of others tend to guide our perception and sometimes lead to The 3 Misses: miscommunication, misunderstanding, and misinterpretation. The 3 Misses tend to show up in relationships through lack of intimacy, trust issues, estrangement, increased disputes, and boredom (just to name a few). Couples are offered opportunity to recommit to their relationship and begin working toward resolutions through a combination of establishing healthy boundaries, learning effective communication skills and setting realistic expectations. These tools become the catalyst for supporting, respecting, and balancing their relationship and creating happy memories together.


Family Counseling 

When life happens we tend to take it personal and it can have an impact on us individually and our families. Family counseling aims to assist families to regain balance and overcome challenging and stressful times that may present itself as: physical, emotional, and verbal abuse, grief and loss, separation or divorce, physical or mental illness, substance abuse or recovery, trauma, transitional or blended family issues. Family counseling gives the family unit time and opportunity to heal while restoring (or developing) cohesiveness. The strategies implemented and the tools gained ultimately support building optimal family functioning.


Group Work

Groups are developed based on need and at times by request. Group members create and nurture a supportive and safe space through boundary setting, openness, and extending respect for each member. Group members offer insight, feedback, and action steps to assist one another with moving through the process of change and overcoming.  

Crisis Intervention (small groups)

Gender Specific Groups

Support Groups           

Substance Use Education

Anxiety and Depression     

Affect Management (better known as Anger Management)