Abundant Solutions, LLC seeks to partner with faith-based communities and churches to extend counseling services to its members and visitors. The counseling services are expected to supplement the spiritual guidance, counsel, and support already offered its spiritual leaders and ministries. Wellness Outreach Services (WOS) will offer confidential short term counseling for individuals seeking additional guidance and support. WOS will address a variety of issues including inner personal matters, marital and couples concerns, family relationships, decision making, communication and intimacy, depression, parenting, grief and loss, anger and anxiety, and substance use, just to name a few. Counseling services will be offered to individuals, couples, and families. Groups will be offered as needs are identified.


Sessions are offered in 45 and 60 minute session increments for follow up and initial sessions, respectively.  Up to three sessions will be offered to individuals ages 12 to 60. Re-evaluation is required after the third session to review current issue for appropriateness. A decision is determined and discussed regarding additional sessions and or referral(s) to appropriate community providers. All personal information collected and counseling sessions will be kept private and adhere to all confidentiality regulations.


Counseling Environment


Confidentiality, convenience, safety and privacy are key factors used to determine the most appropriate place to facilitate services. Requesters have the option of service location at their private residence or at Abundant Solutions, LLC office in Newport News. Requesters are required to indicate preference at the time of scheduling. Private residence option may be declined (1) should there be concerns about safety, privacy, and or confidentiality and or (2) at the discretion of provider.  


Service fees


There is a nominal fee for WOS. Fees can be found when exploring the appointment availability. Abundant Solutions, LLC understands

that financial scarcity is a reality for some and addresses this by offering assistance. A Financial Hardship Form will be made available by request. Requester's may submit a completed FHF which may lead to services at reduced or no cost. In addition, Abundant Solutions, LLC accepts some health insurance plans.