We Want to Serve, But We Need Your Help

There have been a number of global wellness funds to support the mental health needs of the community during these challenging times. I have wondered in what way can we continue to help build and give back to my community. Through a fellow colleague, Aja Burks, I was inspired to mirror her footsteps and start a wellness fund for the Black community across the state of Virginia.    

My Goal

I would like to raise money for at least 100 Black women and men, in the state of Virginia, to have access to free mental health services. These funds will cover 4-6 sessions during this critical time of intense racial trauma. If you need support and would like to access free mental health services, complete the "Request Support" form below. 


I am seeking to gather at least 40 black culturally responsive therapists that could take on 2 -3 clients.  If you are interested in serving, complete the "Get Involved" form below.

How to Support

Anyone can help!  If you'd like to donate and sponsor someone please send whatever you can, it all adds up!  I am proposing that white allies and other allies DONATE MONEY to pay for Therapy for Black women and men to receive therapy. Other groups are able to donate as well. These funds will grant therapeutic services to those who are in need of mental health services during this critical time.  


To support #VABlackTherapyFund for Black Mental Health Access:

1. Donate to the Go Fund Me.


2. Tag a Black Therapist in Virginia who can get involved.

3. Share this post using #VABlacktherapyfund.

4. Email your questions to: VirginiaBlackTherapyFund@gmail.com.

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If you would like to serve as a therapist, please complete this form.